This release brings IDE Extensions for VS Code, PyCharm, Spyder and Sublime Text. The layout was optimized to ease interactions with IDEs, and the UI can now be customized (text size and brightness).

One new tutorial and two new videos show how to use TorchStudio as an IDE extension. Subscribe to our Youtube channel for more videos !

It’s also now easier to initialize any remote SSH server with a proper TorchStudio-compatible environment.

Download TorchStudio 0.9.10

Full Changelog

  • IDEs extensions for PyCharm, VS Code, Spyder and Sublime Text
  • the main window can be pinned at the top to ease interactions with IDEs
  • layout optimized to ease interactions with IDEs
  • customizable text size and UI brightness
  • simplified remote server configuration
  • associate .tsz projects with TorchStudio
  • fix an issue when trying to connect to SSH servers using only a password
  • fix several issues when configuring or using Windows-based remote servers
  • various stability improvements
  • various UI and tooltips improvements

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